The Summit & Turning Outward


An Index of Possibilities

Many of us in business are turned inward - focusing more on the organization, the branding, and endless to-do lists.

However to deepen the impact of our work, and demonstrate the relevance of our public radio station within our community we are Turning Outward.

Out in the community is where our work has impact, that's where we can create change, that's where our work can be truly significant.


Greater Sustainability

The Summit’s Turning Outward project is committed to giving voice by taking action for our community instead of the radio station.

These significant actions are built on a solid foundation with three components:

  • Accountability - setting realistic expectations for outreach
  • Authentic Engagement – reflecting the reality of people’s lives
  • Sustainability - building strong, healthier relationships with our community

It’s turning process into progress for an altruistic, long-term, commitment for all the citizens in our community.


Community Needs Assessment

The Community Needs Assessment was our way of gauging opinions, assumptions, needs, key issues, and/or assets within a defined community.

And in order to make our Turning Outward Project authentic the community’s opinion was important to us.

Beside our own web-based assessment survey, we collected current and creditable”needs assessment” information from a variety of local sources:

  • County of Summit
  • City of Akron
  • CMOR Center for Marketing & Opinion
  • Summit2010 Quality of Life Project
  • Community Health Center

The results were then broken down to manageable categories including:

Employment Issues

  • Not Enough Jobs
  • Finding Good Paying Jobs
  • Jobs Leaving the Area
  • High Unemployment

Tax & Money Issues

  • School Funding
  • High Taxes
  • Home Foreclosures
  • High Gas Prices

Crime & Safety Concerns

  • Too Much Crime
  • Drug/Alcohol Problems
  • Not Enough Police
  • Teenage Crime

Education Issues

  • School Funding
  • Kids Receiving Poor Education
  • School Levies Not Passing
  • Discipline Problems in School

Health Care Issues

  • High Cost of Healthcare
  • Everyone should have Healthcare
  • Medicare
  • Care for the Elderly