Summit Internship Program

Internship Details: Six to twelve hours per week for 15 weeks. Internship is unpaid and consists of five segments where the student will learn about all aspects of running a radio station.

Part 1: Public Service and Community

  • Learn to write Public Service Announcements for the radio station
  • Help with general office duties (stuffing envelopes, organization, etc)
  • Assist with station and member events

Part 2: Membership and Underwriting

  • Help with/observe monthly membership mailings
  • Help with/observe monthly underwriter billing
  • Observe building and editing of daily program logs
  • Help with member premium mailings

Part 3: Marketing and Events

  • Assist in implementing new media marketing strategies through improving web design, using e-mail promotion, direct mail, billboard, and non-traditional public relations categories
  • Follow-up on the advertising and marketing effectiveness using tools for measuring and ensuring the station’s return on investment
  • Work with area non-profit organizations to explore potential collaborations, and track on-air public service announcements
  • Assist in passing out marketing materials at area events

Part 4: Programming and Production

  • Observe recording of weather breaks and Public Service Announcements
  • Observe merging of station logs
  • Prep and decommission station vehicle and gear for remote events
  • Observe DJs in the studio as they record their shows

Part 5: Music

  • Help monitor music charts for song research
  • Sort new music CDs
  • Help prepare weekly playlist reports for email
  • Compile information on new artists for the DJs

Other Possible Duties:

  • Assist with station events/appearances in Akron/Youngstown markets
  • Assist with in-studio performances that happen during the course of the internship
  • Visit transmitter site with our engineer

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