Summit Internship Experiences


Rachel Godin, Kent State

"My experience at 91.3 has come to a close and is unavoidably bittersweet. I have met some incredibly talented people here at The Summit, people who excel in whatever job they dedicate their time to; underwriting, management, Rock and Recovery radio, KidJam! Radio, promotion, music selection, tech help, growing their circle of influence etc.

I have been here to witness the creation of the first ever 91.3 The Summit radio streaming Application for the I-phone and Android phone- what an accomplishment! It may sound silly, but what stuck out to me most was the fact that the personalities we all hear on the radio are real people who have a sincere love for music and for this community’s well being.

The feeling of community in this office is professional yet laid-back and on task, all complete with necessary quirks of the people who work here. They made me feel right at home. The Summit is a station that deserves (community) support; this internship solidified the importance and respect for radio in me because I have seen how this station touches more than just the music we hear. Thank you all for this marvelous experience."


Thank you for providing me with a great work experience! Without the enthusiasm and energy of you and your staff, it would not have been as fulfilling! I have learned so much about the day-to-day work that goes into radio and feel I have a real head-start on my own radio career after my time here.


I wanted to take this time to tell you thank you for a wonderful experience! I certainly learned a great deal and hope to keep in touch as I continue my studies.


I want to thank you for the opportunity to work at the station! I learned so much, and I don’t think I would have gotten the same kind of experience in various aspects of radio work anywhere else! I will never forget it!


Thank you for having time to allow me to learn about all the different jobs at WAPS Radio. It was fun to work and be at the station as an intern, seeing how the music gets aired. I feel much more prepared for my future in radio.


During my internship, I really enjoyed working with everyone at the radio station, and learning how important each person is in programming. It was interesting to discover how much time it takes to write Public Service Announcements and to prepare for community events! All I’ve learned here makes me more prepared for MY real world of public service radio once I graduate. Thank you!

Julie King, Dickinson College

"Interning at the Summit was a great learning experience, during which I had the opportunity to exercise my creativity in various tasks. I was pleasantly surprised by the confidence in my abilities, which allowed me to try new things. I had fun learning about the Summit and how an office functions, which got me excited for my future endeavors."

Christy Wiseman - Copley High School

"Interning at the Summit has been an invaluable experience. Even though I am not pursuing a career in broadcasting, working with the WAPS team has brought me freedom of creativity, sharpened research skills, and a rare inside look at the many facets of a nonprofit radio station. I am forever grateful for all of the practical skills that this internship has given me, as well as the chance to work with such a welcoming and hardworking group of people."

Kyle Ferrara, Walsh Jesuit High School

"While my time at 91.3 The Summit was only a short, three week stint, it was an experience that had a lasting effect on me. Working at The Summit allowed me to get my foot in the door of an industry in which I hope to one day have a successful career. I worked with many wonderful people in a great environment. I will always be grateful to have had this opportunity."

Jill Sweitzer - Marketing Education, Firestone High School

The internship at WAPS provided the students an opportunity to acquire a foundation of information and basic skills necessary for analysis to promote creative thinking and problem solving skills in the workplace. They experienced a wide range of career opportunities, commensurate with their aptitudes and interests, which prepared them for direct entry into technical or higher education.

Jacob Rosen - Firestone High School

My experiences at 91.3 WAPS will stay with me for the rest of my life. The friends, connections and memories during my sixteen months with the radio station are incredibly valuable to me today's challenging economy. I couldn't imagine a more flexible or more rewarding professional internship during my final months of high school.

Rodney Styles - East High School

My internship was an amazing start to my journey of one day becoming a great success in the broadcasting industry. I met many great people at 91.3 WAPS that taught me a ton about how the business works and helped me on my career path and for that it has been the best investment of my time I ever made.

Annalisa Andrews - Firestone High School

The opportunity to have a “hands on” experience in TV and radio was the best!
I learned so many aspects of production, on camera and behind the camera, and worked with a great team of mentors at WAPS. I felt especially lucky to have the opportunity to work with the WAPS Team – I really got the chance to actually do the things I am now pursuing in my college career.

Mike Forfia - Firestone High School

"My internship at WAPS 91.3 The Summit was so much more than a part time job. The people at 91.3 helped me to better myself as a student, as a businessman, and as a person. As I experienced deadlines in a real-world environment, I am hesitant to say I had a "boss", but rather a mentor. I developed friendships, knowledge of local events and resources, and a professional attitude which will benefit me for years to come."